Our Aim

  • An important part of the infrastructure at the educational complex is the hostels
  • Well furnished and well- equipped hostels for girls and boys.
  • To provide parental care and supervise the well being of hostilities.
  • Strict discipline,safety and security arrangements, and reasonable fees. 
  • To inculcate self discipline, healthy habits, exemplary character, high values and confidence in the youngsters.
  • To give an opportunity to interact freely, organize, lead and give good experiences for development of student’s personality.
  • Admission to the college does not mean admission to the hostel. Owing to limited available seats, hostel admission cannot be assured to every college student. 
  • A student joining the hostel will have to join the hostel mess also.

Features of our hostels

  • It may be noted that the hostel facility has significantly contributed to the growth of the college. 
  • Fees must be paid on the day the Rector signs the form.
  • Owing to the reputation of the hostel with its security the farmers in the surrounding villages have developed a profound trust in the College.
  • There are farmers whose daughters could not have availed of collegiate education as their place of residence is a remote one or lacks easy accessibility and is difficult for commutation. 
  • They just pay the fees and rest assured of the best education in the area.
  • Recently as a social responsibilities Trust has started giving free food, accommodation and education to 100 girls every year. 
  • Farmers are very keen on getting admission to their daughter to this girls college and its hostel.