Physics Lab

The College has well equipped Physics Laboratories with number of Facilities, Our department features an experimental physics laboratory where students have the opportunity to perform experiments to observe and measure various physical phenomena.


  • The College consists of 1 Physics lab with advanced equipment.
  • Lab having 100 student capacity.
  • Lab also contains projector and LED. 
  • Provide well trained staff.
  •  Exposure to state-of-the-art equipment.

Chemistry Lab

Chemistry laboratory Provide facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific or technological research, experiments, and measurement may be performed.


  • The College consists of 2 chemistry labs.
  • Lab consists 50 students per labs.
  • Good balance room. 
  • Well conditioned store room.
  • Also provide LED projector.

Computer Lab

The College has well equipped Computer Laboratories with number of computers, latest licensed software required for supporting the curriculum and a broadband internet connection, for use of the students and faculty members. The computers are maintained by professional agencies to ensure high level of quality.


  • The College consists of 3 computer labs with good technology.
  • First Lab consists of 30 Computers with LCD Projector.
  • Second Lab consists of 35 Computers along with scanner and projector. 
  • Third lab consists of 25 computers.
  • Internet facilities is available in all the three lab.

Botany Lab

The Department of Botany and zoology has 2 labs well equipped staff in Cordley Hall. Greenhouse facilities and the Botany Field Lab used for field studies are located nearby.


  • Lab consists 60 students capacity.
  • Herbarium cabnit.
  • Greenhouses and Growth Chambers.
  • Chart,Slide cabnit.
  • Botanical museum.